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flying-geese-300x225“Employee Engagement, Workplace Culture and Customer Satisfaction are intrinsically connected.”

A people-specific focus (organizational development) enhancing how creativity and innovation operate within your workplace structure.

My focus is to affect organizational change at a human level; within a culture of learning and engagement, quickly becoming a go-to person, subject-matter-expert and impassioned team member.

If you are bootstrapping a new venture, product or group, especially if it is involving customer service, outreach or sales, let’s talk!

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Sherlock4Lifestyle Awareness and Balance

Are you “working to live,” or “living to work?”

Did your sense of meaning and purpose, get lost in the shuffle?

When your authentic desires and passions are synthesized and coupled with a focused and meaningful call to action, the change, focus and expansion can be significant, and will often feel like magic.



Larry_7Larry J. Fontana (networking):  Lifestyle Balance, Workplace Culture, Employee Engagement, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty.

My communication and presentation style is conversational and improvisational, engaging and inclusive.

  • Individuals and organizations who are striving for greater satisfaction, growth, purpose and success.
  • Lifestyle and Career Balance (advocate for the individual)
  • Employee Engagement, Culture and Customer Satisfaction (catalyst for the organization)


I welcome opportunities and possibilities for collaboration and co-creation, as contract, consultant or an Intrapreneur.


SPECIAL OFFER: For a limited time, I am offering a low-cost, R & D opportunity for select organizations, focusing on customer interactions, satisfaction and loyalty.


“The future is now, and we are its stewards”  –  L. Fontana